Hormone Lab is an enthusiastic team to provide a high-level hematology service in a caring environment. For effective and appropriate treatments and tests, we are aimed to deliver the first class care to all our in-patient and out-patients

Bio Chemistry

Hormone Lab provides an extensive range of biochemistry testing services to all medical centers and clinics, hospitals, research institutions and individuals. The lab develops and provides the unique and up to date laboratory testing methods as well.


Hormone lab provides experienced engineers and lab technicians who are having a rich and extensive background and qualification for immunoassay regarding the manufacturing and development of Immunoassays along with providing a platform for the molecular diagnosis.


In the still emerging area of Histopathology, Hormone Lab’s team has forged a path well ahead of our peers. Hormone Lab has the latest technology microscopes for the investigation and analysis of the sample tissues.


The Hormone Lab is one of the best labs in Pakistan which offers microbiology services. To assist the patients in the diagnosis, who are suffered from infectious diseases, is the main purpose of our lab. Our microbiology specialists collect the Specimens from different sources and then move towards the treatment.

Molecular Biology (PCR)

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a method used by Hormone Lab for replicating the DNA. For replicating a very small sample of genetic material into a large number of copies of short sections of DNA we use Molecular biology (PCR). This process is called amplifying.


Cytogenetic testing is used to examine the structural abnormalities in the chromosomes. Hormone Lab offers cytogenetic tests to investigate the chromosomal abnormalities such as the investigation of infertility and reproductive disorders in adults, Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), dysmorphism etc

Luminex Based Tissue Typing

Luminex based tissue typing technology is a new flow cytometry technology by which we analyze the reactions in a unique tube. It is the platform of microsphere-based assays which can perform measurements of up to 100 different analysis simultaneously.

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