Digital X-Ray

Hormone Lab provides urgent on-site digital X-rays and lab services for the convenience of the patient at an affordable than you thought. Our qualified medical staff use the best types of equipment which are produced by high-quality modality specialists that offer an improved solution for digital X-rays

Digital Mammography

Hormone Lab provides the Technologists who work under the supervision of a experienced Radiologist.Hormone Lab has designed a mammography unit to deal with any size of the breast.Mammography is an x-ray which requires low doses of radiation to capture the sharp, digital images of the breasts


Hormone Lab performs different type of ultrasounds such as: General Ultrasound Cardiac Ultrasound Vascular Ultrasound MSK Ultrasound Breast Ultrasound. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) Endobronchial ultrasound

Digital Color Doppler

Doppler ultrasound is an invasive technique by which high frequency sound waves are used to visualize the blood vessels of the body. In this technique, high-frequency sound waves are used to visualize the blood vessels and the coloured images of the blood vessels are obtained. The arteries are seen as red and the veins are seen as blue.


Our experts have seen that different approach is used and the advantages and disadvantages of those approaches both in thorough QT studies as well as single and multiple ascending dose studies. These are based on our experience studies conducted on patients in high quality of service with both cost and time savings that's the purpose of our highly automated ECG.


The Echo, offered by hormone Lab, can be a relatively harmless test as we do it on outpatients such as our Laboratory or we do it on in patients in a hospital we do it in the ICU. And we actually even perform this test often times in the operating room to guide surgeons.


The CT scan expert of Hormone Lab is well trained and highly qualified to figure out how much amount of radiation is required for a CT scan. The security and health of the patient is our first priority so we use the latest and most efficient machines which help to use the low dose of radiation.


Our radiologists use open MRI scanner properly to diagnose the problems of patients accurately and reduce the risk of panic attacks and claustrophobia.Patients of all shapes and sizes can be benefited by the best diagnostic with open MRI.

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